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Key Achievements


  • As a former member of the largest Breastfeeding Support Team in the UK, I have supported more than 2,000 new mothers, providing relevant information about breastfeeding and emotional support to help them to reach their own breastfeeding goals.


  • My support for women has included helping them to latch their babies, to express milk by hand or pump, to feed twins, to deal with sore or damaged nipples, and to breastfeed babies on the neo-natal unit. In addition, I have provided education about the value of colostrum and breastmilk, skin to skin, feeding patterns, sleep patterns, cranial osteopathy, and the possible changes mums might see in their bodies.


  • I have spotted and signposted babies who suffered with tongue tie, silent reflux, intolerance to cow’s protein and other foods, and poor weight gain.


  • I have supported a mum with a pituitary gland tumour affecting lactation, diabetic mums, mums suffering from mastitis or thrush, mums who wanted to re-lactate after they had stopped breastfeeding, and several mums who fed from one breast only.


  • I also carried out a presentation about the value of breastmilk and breastfeeding to secondary school children who were studying childhood development.  This included power point information, oil and water demonstration, a true/false dispelling myths session, and question and answer time.



  • September 2022 - Present

NHS Maternity Care Assistant on the Infant Feeding Team, Royal Berkshire Hospital- promoting and protecting breastfeeding by training staff in Unicef Baby Friendly standards of care. Attending the tongue-tie assessment clinic as well as the tongue-tie division clinic where parents are given crucial feeding information and helped with positioning and attachment. 

  • January 2016 - Present

Postnatal Doula, Self-Employed On-going work with families across Berkshire and beyond, helping them to settle in with their new babies, providing practical and emotional support while also helping to take care of any breastfeeding related problems, by providing necessary information.


  • 2011- Present

Treasurer and Trustee, United Kingdom Association of Milk Banking - Keeping strict records of all financial transactions of our small charity. Reimbursement of expenses to trustees, and payment of all invoices. Providing an annual financial report for the AGM which is later submitted to the Charity Commission. Organised the registration for the large UKAMB Conference in 2012. Advertised the event, took in monies and kept list of attendees and any special requirements, and finally checked in the attendees at the event.


  • October 2013 – May 2018

Peer Supporter, The Breastfeeding Network - Reading, Wokingham, West Berkshire Project.  Worked to promote and protect breastfeeding by supporting new mothers at The Royal Berkshire Hospital, as well as supporting them locally in the community for six weeks and beyond, an undertaking that includes text and phone support as well as home visits.


  • 2006-2008

Supply Nursery Assistant, Kangacrew - Travelled throughout Berkshire as a supply nursery assistant, engaging with children under five, often working in the baby room. Saw to all their needs including but not limited to: eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, and maintaining their cleanliness.     

Published Work

Doula UK, Magazine Spring 2020 article entitled 'Becoming a Postnatal Doula'

Breastfeeding Today, LLL International Magazine October 2011 Issue 9 article entitled ‘My Mother Before Me’  subsequently republished in Breastfeeding Matters National Magazine November/December 2011.

Breastfeeding Matters, LLL GB September/October 2012 Contributed to ‘Mum to Mum’ section.


Education & Training

March 2016 Younique Doula, Postnatal Doula Course

January 2013 The Breastfeeding Network, Supporter’s Course

July 2011 The Breastfeeding Network, Helper’s Course

2011-2020 Annual Hand Washing Training Requirement

2013-2020 Annual NHS Information Governance Training

2013-2020 Annual NHS Safeguarding Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect

2013-2020 Semi-Annual Lone Working Training

October 2015 Perinatal Mental Health One Day Awareness Training

May 1995 The School of Visual Arts, Bachelor Degree in Fine Art


Conferences & Study Days

September 2019 A Day With Dr Jack Newman

November 2018 Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative Conference Liverpool

October 2017 The Breastfeeding Network Annual Conference and AGM Manchester

October 2016 The Breastfeeding Network Annual Conference and AGM Manchester

June 2016 United Kingdom Association of Milk Banking London Study Day

June 2015 Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Annual Conference, Birmingham

November 2014 United Kingdom Association of Milk Banking Conference, London 2 Day Conference and AGM

October 2012 UNICEF Baby Friendly Conference, Cardiff, Wales

November 2012 The Breastfeeding Network Annual General Meeting and Study Day Manchester

October 2011 La Leche League GB Conference Nottingham


Special Interests

I am an avid sportsperson and started running soon after turning 40 years old. I trained for over 40 five-K, timed runs, then advanced to a five-mile race, and have since run in the Reading Half Marathon three times. To fulfill my dream of running half marathons in cities I love, I traveled to Thessaloniki, Greece in October 2018. I plan on expanding this to include New York City, and Seville, Spain.


English Native Language

Greek Intermediate

Spanish Basic



Available upon request.

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