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About Me

Hello I’m Erin, and I must admit that I looked forward to pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood my entire life. However, after the birth of my first child that didn’t go the way I wanted, and my notion that breastfeeding would be the most natural thing in the world, I struggled to adjust to this unexpectedly strange role. Being a mother was not the blissful experience I had been imagining my whole life, but rather it was full of doubts, fear, and basic needs that were not being met. My battered body was trying to heal as I attempted to carry on as before, keeping up with the day to day tasks like normal.

I was very fortunate to get help with breastfeeding; this was just before giving up. And although some dear ones brought meals from time to time, I felt isolated like never before. I had never imagined motherhood could be such a wonderful yet lonely experience at the same time!

After the birth of my second child, I felt that I needed to ‘give back’ for the guardian angel helper that literally changed my life. Therefore, I trained as a breastfeeding helper with The Breastfeeding Network. While volunteering on the ward of the Royal Berkshire Hospital, I trained again as a supporter and then secured a role alongside the NHS that lasted five years, helping hundreds and hundreds of women to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

Now that I have found my life’s calling, I look back and realise whatever job I was doing was somehow related to children: I taught them English, worked in nurseries, and even had a position in a firm that produces schoolbooks. Eventually I discovered that supporting new mothers, practically as well as emotionally, in the postnatal period was what I was ultimately meant to do.


The bits that makes me legit

NHS Infant Feeding Team 

Support for thousands of women in varying circumstances to get breastfeeding off to a good start or help them along the way to meet their own personal breastfeeding goals

Articles printed in industry magazines including Doula UK, and Breastfeeding Today

Former breastmilk donor and subsequent treasurer for the The United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking

Volunteer work in breastfeeding clinics for BfN as well as for the NHS on maternity wards



"Your support was so valuable, and the package we went for was perfect for us. This was because the very beginning of breastfeeding is such a delicate phase, even emotionally quite challenging. You want to do the best for your baby, but there are so many obstacles, especially during this period of time with the pandemic. One can feel isolated, and that there is not much support, so it made a real difference to know you were there, and I could text you or call you for support and advise. Breastfeeding is now working well, and I am so happy to have gone for this." ~Lucia

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